Vrh B / litter B - externí

Dne 20.9.2017 přišel na svět vrh B - Ebince a Jamirovi se narodilo 8 štěňátek, nyní již jsou všechna ve svých nových domovech
Matkou je dcera Baylinky - black tri fenka Abigale ("Ebinka"), která se věnuje agility (LA2), canicrossu a frisbee. Na krytí jsme jeli do Polska za mladým, velmi perspektivním psem Jamirem z čistě pracovní linie, jehož otcem je velmi populární Certik-Bertik. Jamiro se věnuje především pasení (HWT, IHT1, STDs), frisbee (držitel rekordu v ThrowNGo, Evropský šampion 2016 in Toss&Fetch, několikanásobný vítěz TimeTrial), obedienc a bikejoringu.
Oba rodiče mají vyrovnané povahy, skvělé zdravotní a pracovní/sportovní výsledky. Pro štěňátka budeme hledat milující a akční páníčky :-)
On 20.9.2017 our litter B came to the world - 8 puppies (5 boys and 3 girls)
Mother Abigale is doing agility (LA2 class), canicross and some frisbee. Versatile lines including imagineer, fairoaks, hangin' tree, heatherhill. Very fast and high drived girl. Father is young dog, pure working lines mostly hangin' tree. Very talented herding dog (HWT, IHT1, STDs), doing also some obedience and bikejoring. Multiple dogfrisbee winner- record holder in ThrowNGo, European Champion 2016 in Toss&Fetch, multiple winner of TimeTrial. 

WithoutLimit´s BJ (Jamiro)

Otec / father: HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH OTCH Certik-Bertik

Matka / mother: JJ Nikita

Rodokmen / pedigree: viz.níže


Datum narození / date of birth: 17.9.2014

Barva / color: blue merle s bílými znaky a hnědým pálením 

Výška / height: 53cm

Váha/ weight: 19,5kg

Majitel / owner: Žaklina Michalczuk


Zdraví/ health:

DKK: HD A (0/0)

DLK: ED 0/0

DOV prostý / eyes clear 5/2016, 8/2017 

OCD neg./ OCD free

CEA/HSF4/prcdPRA/CMR1/DM: free

ECHO&EKG cerf clear 02/2017

ocas / tail: plná délka / long, nekupírovaný / undocked, bez zálomku / without kink

skus nůžkový / scissors bite

chrup / dentition: úplný/ full


Úspěchy/ achievements:

2015-07-25 ASCA trial sheep started Q 90pts 4/23 and Most Promising Started
2015-09-20 DogGamesFall dogfrisbee TimeTrial Parallel 1st place in the fastest div.
2015-10-17 Rally-O, 1class Q 210/210pts 4/30
2016-04-09 Obedience '0' exc 93/100pts 2./6
2016-04-24 DGSpring'16 TimeTrail classic1./31, parallel 1.in 1st div.
2016-05-15 DogUp! 1./56 NEW WORLD RECORD in ThrowNGo, 2./16 FarOut
2016-07-24 closed Started Trial Dog- Sheep title
2016-09-04 ThrowNGo Master
2016-09-11 EUROPEAN CHAMPION SuperPro Toss&Fetch
2016-09-25 TimeTrial Classic 1./37, Frizgility 3./44



Web: https://workingaussie.wixsite.com/jamiro


Jamiro ve věku 20 měsíců (foto by Basia Kaczmarczyk)


DogUp! Wrocław 2016 (foto by Tomasz Mońko)


Jamiro ve věku 12 týdnů


Jamiro is a very specific dog. He is absolutely great coworker. Since the puppyhood he has any problems with focus, motivation and distractions. Also there was no problem for him to stay in the cage when I was working with adult dogs- typical on/off dog. He has natural retrieving, loves tugging and fetching. He is not a food-crazy dog, but is working even on dry food very well. He has really strong will-to-please but at the same time is self-thinking, independent dog. Is very strong emotional connected with his handler, he is responding perfectly for any correct. He is some kind of soft dog for his owner but at the same time he is tuff and not-to-kill at work.
In herding he has amazing feeling of stock. Knows exactly where and when he needs to be. Every next trainer (specialist of aussies and border collies) told that he is very, very talented herding dog. He is not training regular but all his runs on sheep under ASCA or FCI were Qualified and most of them ending on podium. He passed HWT and next day was 3rd in IHT1 with excellent note. He has also STDs title with Most Promissing award.
His main thing is dogfrisbee. At his 1st competition where he was 12months and 3days old he won TimeTrial parallel and now is multiple TimeTrial winner. He is also a world record-holder in ThrowNGo. In 2016 he won with 155 other teams and become European Champion of SuperProToss&Fetch for an 1 week before his 2nd bday! He really is very talented frisbee dog- he is thinking, he is high drived, he was never ever distracted by anything during work.
He was also doing some agility and he got opinion of a very wise, easy-controlled dog who was carefully watching his handler and when once know what he has to do- he was doing it every next time perfectly. He is doing a little bit of obedience and as in every other venue he is pretty cool little dog. He is effective, 100% task-oriented, there is no difference for him where he is working- new circumstances doesn't makes a different. He passed class 0 with an excellent note and 2nd place at the age of 18 months, and passed BH exam on 1st place and 98% when he was 21 months.
He is completely okay with other dogs- is very stable in contacts with new dogs, never provoke them, avoiding conflicts. But also is resources supervisor :-) He is very reserved to strangers, guarding house etc. He is not problematic in the city, when I am taking him with me to my job etc., he also wants to work with anybody, but still doesn't like when someone new is trying to get into physical contact with him. It makes him uncomfortable. He has a few people he loves and need a lot of time to trust and love any new one.
I really loves to work with this boy. He is 100% devoted to me. He really wants to please me in any venue. He is not the easiest dog, I got some problems when he was a growing puppy, but we go throw it and now I have the best dog I could dream about. He is my sonny-boy, we have amazing bond between us. He loves to cuddle at the coach after a busy day. My little weird super dog. (Żaklina Michalczuk)
Více o Jamirovi / more about Jamiro: https://www.facebook.com/jamirotheaussie/?fref=ts